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Aviation - SJU Pilot Store
Company with more than 50 years in the aviation industry
The best option for collectors and pilots
Aviation - SJU Pilot Store
Aviation - SJU Pilot Store

Your passion for planes materializes

Cabin ready to fill with accessories!

Ready to become the captain of your collection!

SJU Pilot Store By Puerto Rico Aircraft Suppliers, Inc. is a Puerto Rican family business with more than 50 years in the aviation industry. Our objective is to offer our clients inspiring products that represent their lifestyles. SJU Pilot established in 2018 is for the Pilot, the Mechanic, the Collector, the Aviation Enthusiast and anyone with passion for traveling and adventuring. We carry t-shirts, hats, bags, aircraft models at scale and toys with emblems from the most well-known brands in the industry. From the Red Canoe and Airplane Apparel companies, the store offers products with logos such as Cessna, Piper, Boeing -and even NASA- among others. Life is short…enjoy it with what you are passionate about. Take the trip and get what you love now at SJU Pilot Store.
Aviation - SJU Pilot Store
Take with you your passion for fly
Aviation - SJU Pilot Store
  • Aviation Student Products
  • Essential products for pilots (uniforms, log book, questionnaires)
  • Scale airplanes and toy replicas
  • Themed keychains
  • Themed caps
  • Themed shirts and more…

You can find your aviation favorites on board our store

Urb. Los Angeles, Calle Celestial 2268, Carolina, PR 00979

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